Season Special – 3 + 1 derma rollers

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Product Description

The microneedle derma rollers is an effective tool to help you combat all of the skin problems including stretch marks, cellulite treatment, acne scars, wrinkle treatment, anti aging, hair loss treatment and hair regrowth.  It reaches the inner surface of skin to repair and restore the skin. It also helps your skin care products absorbed better.

This order include :

1.0mm 192 needles : suitable for treating mild scars and can be used once every 1-3 weeks

1.5mm 192 needles : suitable for treating moderate scars and can be used once every 2-4 weeks

2.0mm 192 needles : suitable for treating deep scars and can be used once every 5-6 weeks

1.5mm 3-Line Roller : suitable for use on the face or the body. It can be used once every two weeks if used lightly, or once every 3-4 weeks when used more vigourously.




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