Face Needle Roller Derma Rollers 0.5mm


Product Description

The Face Needle Roller is a popular derma roller with good build quality offering excellent value for money. It can be used for all types of skin needling treatments. The fine needles make it particularly suited for use on the face and other delicate areas.

0.5mm is the minimum needle length required to induct collagen. It can be used up to 3 times a week, and is virtually painless (numbing cream is not needed for this needle length).

Dermaroller Treatments:

The dermaroller can be used as part of a successful treatment regime for all of the following.

* Stretch Mark Removal * Anti Aging * Scar Removal including pitted scarring and Acne Scarring * Wrinkle Reduction * Hair Loss Treatments * Boosting topically applied skincare products


  • Needle Arrangement: 192 needles (8 x cross lined)
  • Needle Length: 0.5mm
  • Needle Material: Stainless steel/titanium alloy
  • Pre-sterilised: Yes
  • Handle: Ergonomic, plastic with removable head
  • Suitable for:  Facial skin


Possible Side Effects:

Your skin is likely to redden after use. This should fade within a few hours. In extreme cases, this may last for 24 hours.

It is possible that you will experience dryness of skin after  rolling. This can be accompanied with some flaking of the skin. If you  do suffer in this way, stopping rolling should allow the skin to return  to normal within a few days. Please use common sense in these cases –  reduce the frequency with which you use the roller and ensure you are  using scar cream or moisturizer after  use. If still in doubt or the flaking continues, either stop using the  roller or contact us for further support.






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