The Advantages of Micro-Needling Derma Rollers

Have you ever hard about the micro needle roller or even tried to use it? People who have just seen it might think of it to be a very painful stuff to use. This is a special device which does come with a roller full of tiny needles adorned on it. Micro-needling therefore is the act of rolling the device upon your skin especially on the facial area. The main goal of piercing one’s skin with this roller is to make sure that certain ingredients get inside your skin that fast through the holes it creates. The element that gets into your skin is meant to give you a new look. The micro needle roller is often use in a SPA but physicians have also used it.


One may wonder why a needle has to be used upon one’s skin and not using a different approach. Well, there have been some reason behind its use and one of them is the fact that it’s capable of getting rid of scaring through breaking down of the skin collagen which is thick. Thick collagen has been known to be the main cause of scaring and by getting rid of it through this micro needle roller; a person’s skin will be restored.

There has also been some claim that the derma rollers can also be used to get rid of wrinkles. These devices are new in the market and not many people have tried them. It will be good to try it rather than to live with a skin which takes away your self esteem. You can order these devices online if you like to do your own makeup but if you want someone else to roll it on your skin, well and good. There is nothing your will lose by trying this device even though the research behind its effectiveness is still minimal but promising.

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